Name Amir mohammad Kermanshahi Pour

was born in Tehran in 1988 and completed his primary education in Amol city and completed his postgraduate education in the same city. He completed his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering in the direction of control PLC in 2012, and at the same time with all the stages of study, he was always throwing the experience in the wired and cable industry of the country. The combination of modern management science with past industrial experiences has always been their management priorities and the use of native, expert and scientific forces in human resource topics is considered to be an important principle for them. His academic and executive backgrounds are as follows: General secretary of the scientific association of applied science university of Iran from 2012 to 2015 Activities of the Quality Club of Iran _ 2016 Getting the title of the Perspective of Iranian Quality from Research and Training Center Iran_2016 Production Manager of wire and cable company Amol 2006 to 2009 Wire & Cable Manager of Amol _ 2009 to 2014 CEO of Amol Wire and Cable Company - from 2009 until now